Reaching potential customers through the web and social media means having to find a way to get their attention and interest against great numbers of companies doing the same. So how to prove your target audience you are their best option? This week we’ll share some tips about it.

1. The secret about standing out against competitors is…

Minding your own business. Literally. Focusing your energy on improving your business will yield more benefits than trying to outsmart and outdo what everyone else is doing. Know your goals, know your audience and know your resources: with this together, the best strategy is to offer the highest quality service the company can, and constantly increase aiming for excellence.

2. Reach for those who are interested

Nothing repels online audiences more than being annoying. Everyone is already trained to ignore, close and avoid any publication they aren’t interested in. That’s why SEO and data analysis are so important today: they help you reach an audience that is actually looking for you (if you want to know more about this you can check out what we do at Quantum Leap). Another key aspect is letting customers choose to approach you: let them decide if they want to subscribe to your newsletter, or publish a preview of your content and leave a link for them to browse if they’re interested. To get the audience’s attention, let them be the ones to give it to you.

3. Communicate clearly

In the era of liking and sharing, the importance of being concise is huge. The simpler your message is, the easier it will be for people to remember it. And if it stays with them, the probability of them sharing it is bigger. Naturally, you want people to share the best about your company, so your message must communicate what you want your customers to know about your business.